Custom Cases

The problem with pre-made cases is that usually you wind up with a case that is larger than you actually need.  When that happens, you might find yourself with a case that doesn’t fit in your vehicle, or maybe it takes two people to move, instead of one, and it will cost you more to ship, every time you ship.

We can build you a custom case to the size that you need, and quite often at a cost that is equal to or less than a pre-made case. We build seven different styles of cases, that are suitable for either commercial or personal transport.

ATA Cases

ATA Air-Transport Cases are constructed for maximum protection, using ABS laminated plywood with an aluminum framework. They have an aluminum valance, recessed handles and latches and steel corner protection. Air Transport Approved (ATA) cases are appropriate for anything that you need to ship, but they are usually used for larger heavier contents.  Call for pricing – 616-481-9937 or Request a Quote

An Econo-Case is constructed using the same ABS laminated plywood as the ATA case, but it lacks the aluminum frame, and valance, steel corner protection and recessed latches and handles. But these things can be added as an option. The lid can be either, a strap down, or constructed using steel latches. Economy ATA cases are an economical alternative for the ATA style cases.  Call for pricing – 616-481-9937 or Request a Quote

TL Cases

TL150 – Travelite 150 Cases are fabricated using polyethylene, with aluminum valance and steel corner protection. These cases are versatile and light weight. If the cases are to be shipped, they can be built using air-transport style recessed latches and handles. If they are only for personal transportation, then lighter, luggage-style handles and latches could be specified. Call for pricing – 616-481-9937 or Request a Quote

TC Cases

TC Strap Closure cases that are tubular. They are usually made with 4” deep lids. These polyethylene plastic cases are often used for transporting rolled graphics, pop-up displays, and tubular fixtures. Cases less than 32” in length can be made with diameters as small as 8”. Popular TC case diameters are 12”,14”and 16” with lengths up to 12 feet in larger diameters. The cases can be made in either .085 or .125” material thicknesses. The cases are available with shoulder straps, various carry handles and wheels for easier transporting.  Call for pricing – 616-481-9937 or Request a Quote

FT Cases

FT Strap Closure Cases are made using either .085” or .125” polyethylene and have full telescoping lids that cover the entire depth of the base of the case, providing a double wall around the sides and ends of the case.  FT style case is an economical case that commonly ranges in depth from 3” to 18”  and from 6” to 60” wide. The length of these cases is almost limitless.  Call for pricing – 616-481-9937 or Request a Quote

ST Cases

ST Strap Closure Cases are similar to the FT, except they have semi-telescoping lids that only partially cover the sides. The lids are usually 4” deep. These polyethylene cases are usually deeper than 18” but like the FT usually range from 6″ to 60” wide and a length that is virtually limitless.  Call for pricing – 616-481-9937 or Request a Quote


Strong and Economical, is the best way to describe the Econo-Box. This for the customer who needs a heavy duty case, when the appearance isn’t an issue. It looks like a wood crate on the outside, but it is constructed nothing like a wood crate. Instead of being assembled using .75” thick plank stapled to rough plywood, we attach A or B sided plywood to 1.5” thick.

First we apply glue to every joint, and then we screw it together with 1.625” screws. The wood pieces will break before the joint comes apart. Any type of hardware can be used to finish your case, recessed or surface mount. The lid can be hinged or lift off, it can be strap down, or use steel latches.  Call for pricing – 616-481-9937 or Request a Quote